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Reading is a difficult skill that takes years for students to master. The teaching of reading is both an art and a science that has yet to be perfected. Traditional reading instruction works for many students, but too many others are left behind-- without skill nor enjoyment. This MI-inspired RtI Reading Project provides student-centered activities designed to engage, challenge and inspire all students to increase their skill at reading comprehension. This is a flexible set of assessments and small-group activities that can easily be incorporated in the daily classroom routine. The goal of this project is to activate each student's unique intellectual strengths to enhance reading comprehension. It can be implemented in a variety of ways depending upon your specific situation. As is true with most important things in life, what you (and more importantly, the students) put into this project is probably a good predictor of the benefits that will result. For a brief review of how one inspired teacher put these MI activities into action you can read a two-page summary here> Kim Summers Executive Summary.doc. In a two-hour interview, Kimberly provided more details on how and why and the benefits of her use of MI-inspired reading activities with her 5th grade students. Interview with Kimberly Summers_rev.doc. Both of these documents will provide you with deep understanding of the power that using multiple intelligences can bring to your classroom instruction.

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